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Originally Posted by pipes View Post
even though I thought this to be a cool find, because no one else has yet to do it, I am still put off by this thread with the yoda english
Would you prefer that the author have posted in his native language, thus rendering the post readable to far fewer people? And please, for the sake of the children, if you're going to criticize someone's grammar, please do so with grammatically correct sentences.

I have seen shit like this before (hidden rars and mp3s in jpgs) Depends if the program used is strict about headers.
Hiding files within images is referred to as steganography and is a common cryptographic process. However, the instance referred to in this thread is clearly unrelated to cryptography.

What's sad is that there is no evidence that anyone has attempted to edit the aforementioned files to see if they can be reinserted and utilized properly within the ROM. This is a ROM hacking board, is it not? Yes, knowing is half the battle but nobody has ever won a war with half of a battle.
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