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Originally Posted by nobodys_friend View Post
Everyone else got all the easy tips :P But I'll throw in proper tire inflation.

This one isn't going to help you, BUT in the interest of sharing information...

I built an HHO generator. Google it. They save you between 30%-50% on fuel.

Now, before I hear dozens of replies from well educated people on the subject telling me how it can't work, and explaining why, I issue the challenge to do what I did, research it out, unbiased, not trying to prove it one way or another. You may be surprised.

Next, build one. I got a poor set of designs from

Yeah, the guy is a little out there. Yes, some of his reasoning is a flawed. (HHOO?) Also I didn't stay with his design as my person liters-per-minute didn't pan out. But the idea is there. It will show you how easy it to build one of these. And even from his stock design, you will get results.

In short, it does work. I tired it.

I'm eager to get an EGT gauge on my car before doing a dial in. I do not support the guess work methods currently in use by most doing this, nor do I approve most of the "kits" being sold by get rich quick types.

Bottom line, if you're the engineering type (ie not a douchebag moron) then try it. You'll be glad you did.

P.S. For the love of humanity don't blow up your car or yourself and get these things banned by law. They work, and for those of us who enjoying the benefits, they are a Godsend.
You tired it? Really? Eh, I'm just fuckin' around. I'll try it as soon as I have money, which is pretty much required to buy anything. On a related note...I'm sad now. No money...*sigh*
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