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Default Re: I don't have to add any subjective conjecture

> I haven't read the book (although it looks interesting), but
> I think the real reasons for the war go something like this:

You didn't mention the one big reason the U.S. gov stated for going to war in Iraq: To bring Democracy. And then in the same notion, our democratic government uses far less than transparency in outlining our taxpayer expenditures on this effort.

Regardless of "real" reasons, we cannot rely on our government bringing "real" democracy based on this level of subversion towards the American public that presumably rules this country.

We all collectively need to quit being apologetic towards our government's actions and expect results based on the democracy this country was founded on, especially when conquering other nations to further "our way of freedom". It's a slippery slope far more significant than the price of oil. From my non-intellectual non-establishment perspective, i don't care if everyone in America has to start walking and biking to work. But lets not abandon the very tenants of our country because some consumer option is apparent, even when very significant and long-reaching actions are hidden.

We have a right to be informed, and when we are purposely misinformed, we should always be outraged and expect that our government has failed us, not unlike any other failed country we presume to assert our "correct" ways upon.
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