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> Do you have any pictures of this thing or know anything else
> about it? I was intrigued by it and googled it for a bit.

When I asked the guy who I bought it from if I could buy it, he asked me how much I were willing to give for it. I said that I'd have a look around on the internet. Do a little research. But I ended up blank.

I'm not home right now, and I don't remember the name of the thing. But it's a floppy drive with a bottom like a cart. So you insert it into the cart slot. And it's almost the size of the Genesis. And it needs it's own power supply for the floppy drive. It uses regual HD-disks. And the files can be viewed by my pc. (I haven't tried running them through any emulators because I don't have one in my internetless home.) It can also save carts to disks, but I haven't been able to try since I don't own any carts.

I think it's called Pro Fighter or something like that. But that could be the name of anything, actually. I'll post some pics as soon as I get myself to snap any.

If I'm able to actually get regular Genesis roms into a format that this gadget will accept this could prove to be a really neat developer-tool. Of course. Playing hacks and so forth.

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