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to setup a static IP, you should just need to go into your network configuration applet, choose Static IP instead of DHCP or NAPT and use one ip from the same range as your router has.

If (example) your router has the IP Address you can use any of the range -

As you'll also need to provide a subnet address, which is normally (unless your router uses an ip from the 10.0.0.x range, then it's

For the gateway address you just put the IP address of the router.

For DNS (Domain Name Servers) you can use your ISP ones (ask them), your router's ip as the primary (not recommended) or the free and very good OpenDNS (Primary: and Secondary:

Then you would have a Static IP.

For port forwarding, some routers do suck in their UPnP "compatibility", basically what I do is just put the IP address of the computer in the DMZ Zone which is basically opening all the ports to that machine (easy, but a little insecure).

Those were the days...
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