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Default Port forwarding

How the hell do you do this? I used UPnP to take care of this on my old Orange Livebox and it worked perfectly. Now I've got an Edimax AR-7084gA, which ostensibly supports UPnP as well, but it simply is not visible to any of my applications. This has a fairly catastrophic effect on BitTorrent downloads.

I'm trying to either manually forward the necessary ports (a job that seems needlessly difficult) or figure out what the fuck is wrong with UPnP on this router. are no help whatsoever since they simply state that "To setup port forwarding on this router your computer needs to have a static ip address", then tell me how to get a static IP on just about every platform except the one I'm on (Kubuntu Linux).

I haven't changed anything whatsoever except the router. The Orange Livebox auto-configured port forwarding using UPnP on this exact PC, so any problem is with the router. It seems to work fine in all other respects, but this one is pissing me off.

Incidentally, if anyone says to you "Why do we need IPv6? IPv4 seems to work fine", please break their nose for me. Thank you.
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