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Originally Posted by Pattywick View Post
Painstaking graphics modification of a game that hasn't been hacked before
+ Learning a few things along the way
= Real Actual Hacking
That is incorrect. By that reasoning, Photoshopping a picture qualifies as hacking.

Using Lunar Magic to create Obligatory Impossibly Difficult Super Mario World Level Hack for the millionth fucking time
= Being a Script Kiddie
Again, that is incorrect. A script kiddie is someone who uses a utility to accomplish his goals without having to put in any effort himself. Last I knew, Lunar Magic doesn't hack SMW for you, you still have to do the work yourself. While it doesn't constitute hacking, level editing with Lunar Magic is a far cry from being a script kiddy.

Of course, seeing as how you're a piece of shit spammer who has already pissed off almost every other ROM hacking board today for flooding your retarded site everywhere, except this one where you just had your hair ruffled, it seems, I wouldn't expect you to actually have any clue what you were talking about.

With that said, please do the ROM hacking scene as a whole a favor and develop a fast acting form of cancer. And, in the meantime, place your computer under a running shower to test it for waterproofocity.
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