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Originally Posted by hx2 View Post
Hi, i'm new in this endless journey of rom hacking, or what i like to call it, "game editing." I would love to get a tutorial in order to do it, because is easy just to ask someone to do it, but I would like to do it in order to appreciate the work, and they say' "if you want something to be done perfectly, then do it yourself." I join this domain in order to find help and for lots of advice. If there is someone that can teach me it will be eternally appreciated. (Sorry about the misspelling or bad language, but English is my second lenguage.)
welcome. no worries about language, a good talking you can do still
now, as for getting a tutorial, that is a nice step, but...tutorial for WHAT exactly?
what part of what game are you trying to edit?
you need to be a bit more specific, and I am sure you will get plenty of help.
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