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Everything you pointed out, so true.

"The difference between using a hex editor and using a level editor is that a hex editor doesn't actually know how the file you're editing works, whereas a level editor does. So to use a hex editor, you're still hacking because you're figuring out how the file you're hex editing is built. Of course, if you were given a bookmark file for a particular file (or were following a ROM map) then editing the hex under those circumstances wouldn't qualify as hacking either, because you're not trying to figure anything out."

And, I totally agree with this.
Half a year ago, I thought hacking was just editing data with a hex editor by using tutorials which point you stuff out but if you already know how to edit in hex, that's not even a bit of a challenge and can't qualify as hacking. So now I've started to think in a different way; scientists do research to figure something out, that's exactly what rom hacking can be compared with.
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