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on the note of avatar: cool film, I enjoyed it.

on the note of so many media/people who get their opinions from TV accusing this film of not being original and copying other films:

The Lion King is a complete parallel/rip-off of Hamlet. So, can''t we just like what we like, and not worry about 'entertainment news' who has nothing better to 'report', other than "z0mg this is just like that other movie!" Guess what? look at EVERY reality tv show or game franchise lately. Every thing that was even remotely successful has to be pounded into the ground until all "juicy goodness" is gone.

I for one am thankful that this 're-hash' was a great thrill to watch and was very beautifully rendered.
(this post is not aimed at anyone here , just I hear a lot of fuss lately about copying other ideas or movies, and I feel this is inevitable, so let's just enjoy it the best we can hehe)
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