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Originally Posted by orl13 View Post
Is it possible to rip a soundfont from a rom? I'm trying to get the instruments used in starfox (snes) so I can use them in a tracker. I can't find a sf2 file for it anywhere so I thought I might try to make my own. thanks in advance
I haven't done this for quite some time but i believe it is possible to rip wav data from many SPCs following this procedure:

Open the SPC using this archaic utility http://directionless.mynoisebleeds.c...r/ known as OpenSPC.

I think you have to use a command line parameter like '-I' to convert the SPC to an Impulse Tracker file.

Then load the created IT file into the tracker of your choice (compatible with .IT) and save the samples you want to hard disk.

Good luck.
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