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Yeah, I was wondering if this was merely a flimsily-disguised advertisement or even a malware link (particularly in light of the tinyurl obfuscation). But I believe I came out of it clean (I'm running Linux, which isn't often targetted, and Opera, which is pretty good about patching vulnerabilities promptly, and have a scanner running), and I don't see how I could have made money for them, since I didn't click on any ads... unless the the flash program does some free distributed computing for a central server that sends out computing problems (code-cracking?) or other tasks (DDoS?) while the person is distracted by watching the graphics-- like a SETI screensaver except not upfront about it? In such a manner a flash program could be a trojan without actually needing to be installed on a computer in any permanent sense, and cause no direct harm to the dupe himself other than possibly slowing his computer down while the .swf is running.

Edit: Or unless I made a few cents for this guy for his acting as a referrer, like you said.
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