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Well, I hadn't looked at this for a while, but it seems Martin wasn't making enough from selling the debug version for the emulator to serve as a full-time job (which, it should be noted, I never thought was sustainable in the first place) and started charging $2.50 to download the latest version (while still calling it the 'free' version). He also killed the demo version of the debugger version while still calling it the 'shareware' version.

This all seems fairly academic though, as a quick look at the changelog shows it hasn't been updated in nearly a year now, so it's quite probable he's given up entirely. It's probably fallen for the same reason a lot of paid emulators do, which is the fact that a search for 'NO$GBA' on The Pirate Bay right now gives five different torrents all offering the latest version.

Really, as far as ways of making money go, programming emulators is a bad one.
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