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Originally Posted by Reaper man View Post
Yeah, no kidding. I should just force registration at this point...
True Story: I once (not too long ago actually) did an epic suicide on a forum because they required registration to download attached files. I ended up being like "You want me to register that badly do you?".

All of my regular usernames were taken, I got angry at the effort I was having to put in to download one file, and finally they required that the 'Location' field on the registration form be filled out, causing me to enter my answer while shouting "I LIVE ON MARS! I LIVE ON FUCKING MARS, ALRIGHT!?!" (on that note, how do you like my KDE-Look account, where they required both a first and last name to register), after which I took the best part of an hour to do my suicide post in bright red 24-point caps complete with a 1280x1024 image consisting of nothing but the word "FUCK" over and over ("Where is your swearing filter now bitch?!?") all the while laughing my head off like the insane bitch I was.

The lesson of all this: Be careful what you wish for.
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