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Arby's curly fries are obviously the hands down winner. Their regular fries are quite good but not the absolute best.

I agree with WLB's assessment of McDonalds wholeheartedly.

I like Wendy's brand new fries.

Steak Escape has amazingly awesome fries. They cut the potato right in front of you by pushing it through a grid above the fryer so they go from whole potato to fries-in-the-grease in less than a second.

Steak 'n' Shake has good fries, as well.

In a couple of weeks, the only fast food restaurant within 25 miles of here will be Sonic. They're shutting down the McDonalds, bulldozing it to the ground and then building a brand new one (much larger, using the land from the house next door that they bought) from the ground up. (KFC/Taco Bell shut down a couple of years ago after the owner got pissed off at the corporation and closed half-a-dozen of his franchises. Hardees closed so far back that I can't even remember and we've never had a Burger King or Wendy's closer than 30 miles away.)
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