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Default I Would Like To Create An N64 Emulator (Need Crew)

Hey guys, Frosty here and I would like to state that I want to create an emulator for N64 gaming, but the problem is that I need a crew who is experienced and determined in creating an emulator that will be updated weekly and will grow popular among many of the N64 Emulator gamers.

I will need at least 4 members who know how to make plugins for graphics, audio, controller, and signal processors... I would also like a person who could create an entire online server in itself so that people will be able to play their favorite N64 games with their friends. I want to make an emulator that could be as popular as Project 64k or even more popular.

I don't know very much in the way of plugin and emulator creation, but I am ALWAYS willing to learn. so please if you know anything about these types of things, educate me for I want to make an epic Nintendo 64 emulator that all games will have perfect compatibility on without any video, audio, or controller plugin errors what-so-ever.
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