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Default SPC to midi?

I am working on a game that needs "old sounding" music from newer games. I was recently made aware of a program called GXSCC which lets you play midi files so they sound close to (and depending on the midi file, almost exactly like) 8-bit NES music.

I would prefer to use as authentic music as possible. I have tons of SPC files, and found a program called spc2mid that converts them semi-nicely. Problem is, it makes all tracks grand piano, which don't sound nice when played in GXSCC. So I load them with Anvil Studio to change the track instrumentation, and therein lies the problem. A few tracks opened okay, but the rest pop up in Anvil Studio saying the file has errors and asking if I want to fix them. Normally this is a quick process and fixes broken midis rather well. However, something with the way spc2mid works makes the repair process take.. well, I haven't had the patience to let one repair finish yet. The longest I waited was maybe 20 minutes or so.

I tried a couple of other methods: spctool which gets everything rather nice, but outputs midi tracks based directly on the SNES tracks, so multiple instruments all play on their respective SNES track, making it impossible to set each midi track to a specific instrument.

A combo of OpenSPC to convert the SPCs to ITs, and the l-amp plugin for Winamp to convert the IT to MID. This just makes a huge disaster of a midi file, with the beginning chopped and about a million midi channels with instruments all over the place.

So I am looking for suggestions (or maybe files that have been pre-converted for me :P) on how to do this (convert SPCs to MIDIs), and do it well. Thanks.
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