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Default WinArcadia and AmiArcadia v14.3

A new release of these Arcadia 2001 emulators for Windows and Amiga is available. These are the changes:

14.3 [OS3.5+][Windows][MOS?][OS4?]: Thu 9 Sep 2010.

  • PIPBUG, Chaos 2: improved 2513 chip emulation.
  • Sidebar support for snapshots and recordings.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
  • wa: cosmetic adjustments to "redefine keys" and zaccaria "edit dip switches" subwindows.
  • incorporated Samir's latest Italian catalog.
  • pipbug, chaos: now uses larger (5*8 instead of 5*6) font, identical to real 2513 (as used in eg. Low Cost VDU) font.
  • pipbug, chaos: added a #define to use Japanese font.
  • wa: astro wars: dip switch editor now uses astro wars glyph rather than galaxia glyph.
  • sidebar now supports COS/COR files (incl. making aa sidebar glyphs for chaos 2 and dolphin).
  • fixed: spanish MSG_AUDITTEXT was wrong.
Get them at the author's website. They'll be later available in ZD, Windows version here and the Amiga version here.
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