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Ok, so it's been a year since I said anything about this here. I wasnt sitting around jacking off though, I worked on this editor hardcore, and now it's up to version 2.0, which I think is likely to be the final version. Whoever is maintaining this website ought to update the old version on this site to the new 2.0, because the difference is huge.

The changes are too numerous for me to even remember them all, but here are some of the major ones:

-Now there it has a sprite editor. You can rearrange all the sprites in the game, you can change which palette each tile uses and what it's draw style is. Furthermore, you can remove a tile from one sprite, then add it to another sprite as a new tile.

-All the enemies and bosses in the game can be edited, you change practically everything about them from where they start at, how much life they have, how fast they animate, what item they are carrying, you can change their collision detection information making them larger or smaller, how many points they are worth if defeated, what type of projectile they have if they have one and how it behaves.

-You can now view where enemies are on the round maps, and move them around. You can even place enemies on rounds they dont normally belong on (though this will require some sprite work to make them look right)

-There is now a place in the editor to arrange the tiles for the static screens of the game (such as the title screen), and most of them can also have their palette arrangements changed.

-You can now edit how any block on the level maps behaves by changing it's perceived type. For example, you can make any block be a platform, a spike, water, a doorway, etc.

-There are now thousands of gameplay hacks you can apply to the game which do anything from making Mark jump higher, have a longer bat, crawl or walk faster or slower. These hacks can also be used to make bizarre and crazy behavior in the game, for example its possible to make the imp on round 7 telekinetically throw mark around the screen, or the minotaur boss on round 3 pull you to him to attack.

-basically this is now a platform to make a new game based on Monster Party engine instead of just being a level editor.

some new screenshots:

Get Monster Rapist 2.0 here:
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