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aside from decompiling or well as they said debugging to reverse engineer GB and or GBA roms as none of them have a source file they are all closed source just like Microsoft Windows there is no public available source for any game for any one of those system not for gameboy nor gba. Everything we know about those systems has been hashed out through debugging.

Sure you could change a gameboy graphic over to a 32 color gba one and it'll look fine but you have to then copy The Graphic "not make the rom into gba format" into the existing gba game you want to use it in. then you could do the reverse and take a 32 color gba ghraphic over to a gameboy game but it'll look like crap cause there are only 4 colors. Plus GBA may use 32 colors in it's self but rgb computer graphic programs is 256 or more colors Gimp.. the pixels in gba for sprites use only 16 colors at one time not 32 you can make use of 32 colors onscreen but not at the graphic level, same for game boy color 4 colors at a time except onscreen the editing of graphics and what shows on screen are two different systems.

Edit I'm not sure if the gba use even 16 colors at one time it's probably only groups of 8 colors that you can use at a time up to 32 colors.
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