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Did you even read the article that you linked to? There's a list of people who have attended the conference and it's a far cry from "figure heads from every country in the world". The group was founded to promote relations between America and Western Europe. As such, the only countries that participate in the group are US, Canada and most of Western Europe. And heads of state are a minority of the participants.

Just about everything you've said here so far is either blatantly wrong or else even more whacked out that well known whacked out conspiracy theorists. For one thing, you say Bill Gates isn't one of them but it's publicly known that Bill Gates attended the conference this year. You claim Barack Obama has attended the meetings several times yet he's not on the list of participants and even whack job sites like Infowars don't claim he's a member.

You claim they selected Obama to run for President yet, again, even the whack job conspiracy theory sites don't make that claim. James A. Johnson, who was involved in the committee to select Obama's running mate, has attended the conference but there's no claim that the group itself made the choice.

As far as Obama goes.... an "elite" private school? It's the 12th largest private school in the entire country. Last time I checked, elitists try to keep their numbers as small as possible. That's what makes them elite.

If Obama was so rich, why was he unable to pay off his student loans until after he published his first book? And if you think anthropologists make a lot of money, I'm going to assume you have no idea what an anthropologist is and just assume anyone who's field contains that many syllables must be rich. Unless you think that studying the economic habits of weavers & blacksmiths in Jakarta is a competitive field where one can make millions of dollars. Not to mention the fact that she died three years after earning her degree.

But hey, you even admit that you just picked 'They're planning genocide!' as an example because you had no idea what you were talking about, thus proving that you're just as fucktarded as the people about whom this thread was created. (Here's a hint, you can find the agenda of their meetings on the Internet, they're not nearly as secret as you think they are.)

And if your IQ is 108, then I have to assume you took the test in Canada and are taking advantage of the exchange rate because your comprehension skills and logical abilities range more in the 70-80 range.
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