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Thanks for pointing that out you are right, I probably just am jumping to conclusions, because it's like they say what you don't know can't hurt you. And I really don't know that much my IQ. is only 108. lol

It is true that it is a conspiracy, but The Bilderberg Group holds meetings around the world, the meetings aren't secret but what is said in them is, and Obama has attended them many times over long before he was President. I don't know about the genocide part I just borrowed that as an example cause nobody knows what they talk about just that they discus things or well issues that effect more than one country, global issues. Then they grow bigger and gain more influence on governments of the world everyday the week. You never hear about them on the news or anything cause they control the media by having many of the top brass from the media as members too. Maybe you'll get an invitation to their next meeting being a Genius they like the intellectual.

I don't know where or how people are brained washed into believing that Obama is poor or ever was, get real he is black and was accepted into an elite private school in the 4 grade, the only way you can get into one those even as a white person is if you either came from money or your family has political influence and the only way you get that is if you have or came from money. Ever drew food stamps my foot, his mother was a Anthropologist but I guess they don't make money.. When he lived in Chicago he didn't live in the projects he lived in the rich neighborhood with other rich white folks. He was poor all right living in a crowded condo. In the south we call that rich cause we sure as hell can't afford it.
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