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Default Re: Holy fuck, this place is still around?

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...Honestly? I'd just gotten LAMEBOY for my DS cart, and I was looking for a copy of Metal Gear Solid for the GBC. I -own- the darn thing, so I wasn't worried about legalities. I just wanted it. ...All the sites I could remember using were either gone, or had warnings up. "This game is protected. We do not provide downloads", etc.

Then I found "" and thought, "What the hell - it's probably that old link page. Maybe some magic's still there." And then I found a full subdomain with roms from hell and back, and a new message board.

I popped back here and found that Sam doesn't own the site anymore, but won't name who does. And the old complaints about the forum software, and the site being 'dead'. lol. I decided to finally just say "hey" - and make fun of the lot of you. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

I wonder if there's any magic left around this place...
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