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Default Blockbuster raises prices... Netflix looking better

The plan I'm currently on for 15 dollars a month, 2 DVD rental s is now 21 dollars a month!! Even switching to ONE DVD with unlimited in store rentals would be more expensive.

I'm thinking of switching to Netflix, which would let me get 2 DVDs for (2 at-a-time (Unlimited) - just $13.99 a month) with some 14 hours of "online material".... Is the online streaming stuff worth it? I'd probably just use it to watch Family Guy and stuff like that on demand, or the occasional movie... which would be a hell of a lot better than blockbuster's 2 movie exchanges only :P.

This ticks me off. I probably won't change. If I do, Netflix will just raise prices on me in the middle of my damn subscription.

P.S. I'm using Blockbuster to watch DS9 (Star Trek) seasons.
I get "short" and "long" waits a lot. Would I see this with Netflix also?
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