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Default Re: OMG won't someone think of the children!!!1/1!eone

> It's a game for you, not for everyone. If the parent aren't
> intelligent enough to watch which games their children are
> playing, then yes, someone have to take care of this.

Yeah, but not the friggin government. You should know full well that if they do pass that law, what's to stop them from getting rid of other things? What if they start thinking "Dear lord, Christmas is an evil holiday, it should be banned" or "Other countries don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so we should get rid of it so our immagrants can live here peacefully and not have <u>our</u> culture shoved down their throats." I know it sounds ridiculous, but the fact remains, all that is highly plausible. In fact, it's already on the verge of that. In some areas you aren't allowed to say Merry Christmas, you have say "Happy Holidays", or someone might be offended.

When we stop relying on our own selves to provide for us and instead turn for hand-outs from the government, we as a society have died.
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