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Default Re: What the hell is a damn "furry"?

> I mean, I see what you're saying from the humans with animal
> features and animals with human features thing, but when
> does it cross over from one to the other? This is very confusing. :P

Well It can be hard some times. Cat are kind of a poor furry example just for fact that their facial set up is very similar human wise, meaning it takes little to make it look human like. This is also why I refuse to believe it's possable to ever make a true furry monkey man, because all primates out side of maybe certain lemurs are pretty much humaniod already.
However It seems to be something like this, Katt from Breath of Fire 2 isn't furry while DNA altered Catwoman from that episode of Batman the animated series was. There are ocationaly odd examples of things that aren't considered furry although one would think they should be, like the Samurai Pizza Cats for example. The best indicated seems to be first does your character have fur(scales/feathers for non-mammles) if so does it have a muzzles if yes to both it's a furry. So yes Lizalfos and Wolfos from Zelda are technicle furries, although monsters from non-furry series are usually exempt under defintions of what is a true furry. Which ofcourse leads odditys like Breath of Fire castmembers or all Manabe manga like Outlanders that happen to sport are cross set of furry and non-furry characters, though one may note female character are are rarely furry in these cases.

Although one might also note that the majority of furry art is infact toonie-manga hybrid in which it's clear that the artist started out from a western style perspective. This fact can be a quick gage on weather it's furry or not also.
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