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I remember showing this to a few friends in high school, when you first wrote it. My one friend especially liked it. Years later, he was murdered in his own apartment. The person was never caught, but the theory around town is that he was hooking up with someone who was involved with someone else, things got ugly, and it happened.

That was a few years ago now. Just a few weeks ago I had some guy burst into my own house and threaten me with a gun pointed at my head. Turns out the girl I had fucked two weeks before wasn't telling the truth when she said she was single.

I think him and I had something in common, which is that we were hooking up with the type of people who hook up with people who don't love themselves.

Obviously you're not responsible for anyone getting killed, coolie, but it was just too crazy not to share it.

Also, I'm 90% sure the guy who threatened me isn't even going to be charged, because there is no evidence, just my word against his.
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