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Hi everybody!
I'm there for a (I hoooooooope!) "final" version of my hack,with bug fixes,and little changes going from little bug fixes,to a complete level modification (Icy winter melody is now very differrent!)
So if you want to test it!

It's attached to this post!
Have a good day!
(all problems can be told there!)


I worked a lot of hours to change a lot of palettes, fixed some bugs, and decrease the difficulty in the 1rst level !

I hope it's finaly a "Final version"!

(V1.4s, attached to the post!)

I tried to upload the hack on the site, but the "verification code" nevers appears, so I can't.
I don't know if yes, but if it's just for me, could a moderator upload the hack for me, please?!?

Thanks for advance!

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