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Default PCSX2 PG and official PCSX2 teams merge

A couple of days ago, the PCSX2 Playground team and the PCSX2 team have decided to merge in a single project. These are the changes to the project:
  1. The PCSX2 - Playground project will be renamed and will from now on be the official PCSX2 project
  2. The whole PCSX2 - Playground team will be added to the existing official PCSX2 team
  3. The next PCSX2 release will replace the 0.9.4 version and the 0.9.5 beta which we provide will be replaced by new betas after the new release.This means that the current PCSX2-Playground build will not be provided as a download (since it will actually be an older version of the released PCSX2)
  4. Our forum structure will be re-organized to match these changes after a new release has been made
Visit the project website for more details.
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