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> America sucks. Nobody has freedoms. George W. Bush is a
> piece of shit.

Thanks to dumbass Americans' continuing war against reality, we now live in a police state. Yep, between the terrorism scare and the methamphetamine scare, Americans are easily controlled by fear. Oh, you probably didn't notice it yet. Unless you tried to buy anything that could even conceivably be used to make Methamphetamine, then you get your purchases tracked by the DEA. People, meth use is down from 10 years ago.I bet that fact wasn't part of your media-created view of reality! Why would they try to create a meth scare? Because these are power-minded people, and power-minded people do things like lie to gain more power. This is a hype. This is a power grab. Form a false view of reality, suffer the consequences.

"Free" country, hahahahaha...

I bet y'all think all people are created equal, hehehe. Well, us people who aren't created equal, and are in fact smarter than most y'all, see things a little bit differently. Have fun, you're setting yourselves up for a heap of trouble. Hope that new oil they found in the Gulf sustains y'all for a year or two. Hope your government isn't full of corrupt cronies, and I hope the descent into selfishness and an illusory view of reality which caused all this in the first place magically disappears, before every corporation goes Enron, tap water smells like benzene, and the US vastly overestimate's its international power and makes a big mistake that cripples its economy!
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