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Default Re: Translation Release: Space Knight Tekkaman Blade

The script translation was finished earlier this month by DragonmasterX, and a Japanese girl (forget her name, MK knows) did the epilogues. I quit working on translating the scripts in January because I was burnt out of DL, so they deserve a major thanks.

Right now MK is working on playtesting every scenario to make sure context is right and no scripts explode from missing tags. As he finishes them, EricKei has been doing editing. I have been doing the second editing over his work.

Byuu has a little programming left to touch up, but that's mostly done. All we have left once all editing is done is a period of private playtesting (don't ask to help) to make sure everything is smooth, and then it should be ready to go.

Be aware though, edits will take a while. Think about how long edits took on stuff like DQ5, DQ6, FF4 and FF6. Those games didn't have much more than 300KB script. Der Langrisser is now and even 800KB of English.

That's a lot.

Most discussion regarding DL can be found at</a>. Since the bulk of news is editing and nitpicking of localization (what is acceptable, what is accurate, what would be considered fucking like a tiger, etc) none of us really post updates about it. There's no point.

> Say, uhh, I had to notice that you mentioned the Der
> Langrisser translation in the past tense...
> Sorry, I have this belief that when a complete translation
> of Der Langrisser is released, there will be a short period
> of world peace followed by all of mankind achieving nirvana.

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