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Default Anyone Who Votes For Roy Blunt Truly Is Stupid

I doubt there's anyone in his district who reads this bard, but I just saw a commercial for Roy Blunt's senatorial campaign. It says, and I quote, "Obama cut Medicare to pay for a government run health care plan."

For the non-Americans who might not be aware... Medicare is a government run health care plan. Blunt's claim makes about as much sense as selling your children into slavery so that you'll have enough money to take care of your children.

Never mind the fact that Blunt has always been decided anti-Medicare. He has stated repeatedly that he believes Medicare has been ineffective and serves no useful purpose. But now he's whining about the current administration cutting Medicare.

Not surprisingly, the fucktard also supports prayer in schools, opposes Internet gambling and received a 14% rating from the ACLU while the NRA gave him an A.

I'm glad I got my right to vote back in time to vote against this piece of shit.
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