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Default PC Cell Phone Game Emulation (.jar Files)

Hello everyone at Zophars Domain! I've been using this site for years, it's excellent.

I have a question.

I would like to play the two original Metal Gear games. They were re-released on the cell phone and with Subsistence. My PS2 is broken and I can't afford to buy a PS3 so I was wondering if there was a cell phone emulator that actually works and is decent.

I say that because, I've searched high and low on Google and I've found about five different "emulators". Now these are programs that look like a cell phone on your screen with all the buttons and they are just kind of stupid. Not only that they don't load the games anyway.

What I have in mind is, you know a decent emulator. Full screen, 2XSai, that type.

The frustrating thing is that I know one exists because this person has one.

You may be asking yourself why doesn't he play the original MSX versions? Well, the re-releases are cool because they have updated translations and several other extra options that would be cool to have.

You will earn some good karma if you wouldn't mind helping me.

Thanks so much!
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