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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
Isn't this the same as the previous thread you made, or am I missing something? O_o
His last post, afaik, was asking about editing the title screen. Now he's wanting to edit a sprite that's on the title screen but isn't actually a part of the title screen. So it's pretty much a different topic (but could have been posted within the original thread.)

Looking at the graphics in FCEUX's PPU viewer, it looks like that graphic is stored completely separately from the title screen graphics. Unfortunately, the PPU viewer only shows you where it's stored in RAM, not in ROM, and I'm not sure that there's a simple way to do it. Someone experienced at debugging might be able to explain how to do so, but I'm not sure that there's anyone around here with that sort of knowledge.

I tried looking for the graphic in Tile Molester based on the way it appeared to be laid out in the PPU Viewer, but didn't come across anything. You might try it youself, though, as you obviously have more motivation to spend time searching.
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