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Default New here/ Chrono Trigger help

Hi all! =)

Well, ive been reading around the forums for a bit of time trying to find a solution to my problem... but i cant seem to find anything that can help me...
And ive been searching ALL around the net, and i can't seem to find my self a solution.
So, i wanted to try and ask here...

Now, this is the problem, i just recently aquired myselt a Super Fighter Pro for my SNES, and i would certainly like to play Chrono Trigger on it.. and the guy it from, also sold me a bunch of games on Diskettes, and ofcause Chrono Trigger was among them, but in Jap, and that does'nt do me any good.

Now, the thing is, the Jap version works perfectly, but i cant get my English rom to work on it for some reason, it simply turns to black when its done loading the discs..

I got SnesTool, and i have been trying pretty much EVERYTHING... Slowmod fixing, NTSC/PAL fixing, you name it....

Now, i do live in europe, so i naturally own a PAL version of the SNES, and therefore i also have a slight problem with a few other games...

If this is the wrong forum, i'm sorry, i'm new here, i this is my best shot at where to put this..

Thank you in advance
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