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Well, those screenshots are easily the closest thing to a real NES I've ever seen on a monitor before, nonetheless. I'm extremely impressed both by your code optimizations and ability to read crazy specifications and turn them into code, bravo.

How does the dot crawl thing that you slide over every three scanlines and reset work? I've seen that on the SNES to some extent in the past... does the offset of each scanline change every frame e.g. so a static image would appear to be shaking? (I'm terrible at reading source code from other people.)

If it's any persuasion: I'd happily add this to my emulator if you did research the SNES' display capabilities
There's a few more factors involved with the SNES, though. I'll throw them out in case anyone's interested There's interlace mode (still 256x223, but NTSC fields are swapped every other frame, so its possible to "fake" a 256x446 image), hires mode (512x223), and the combination of the two (512x446).
Hires and pseudo-hires are the same, and have weird properties of mixing colors such that if all the even pixels are of picture A, and all of the odd pixels are of pixel B, then the resulting image looks to be a 50% alpha blended combination of A and B.
And not to mention, how do you upscale 512x446 for filtering, and actually manage to transfer it to the video card at 60fps on ANY system? :/
You have no choice but to limit resizing to maybe 640x480 at most.

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