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Default Re: Hanjuku Hero SNES DTE hack.

> but Hanjuku Hero in particular is
> absolutely packed with puns, jokes, play-on-words and other,
> similarly funky language mechanisms.

Well, I contacted my friend late last night, and it was kinda bad timing, because he was set to leave for Japan in 5 hours, hehe. He's been studying Japanese for about 8 years or so, first from a tutor, and then in college, and has spent time in Japan. When I told him what was up he offered to translate it in the fall, when he'll be less busy. We both agreed that the game would probably call for a "localization" rather than a straight translation, maybe (carefully!) replacing jokes that make sense in Japanese with ones that will be maybe slightly different, but give a humorous impression in English that would just be lost (like what was apparently done with the game Earthbound). Still, I get the feeling that this game is quintessentially Japanese in character, and I wouldn't want to lose that aspect either, so striking a balance will be difficult. I was reading an article posted on another forum in which translators for Nintendo spoke about translating games between cultures, and how they attempted to not just do a straight translation, but preserve the feeling the text gives to the Japanese when it's played in America, and that might involve changing some things that don't make sense. My friend has a great sense of humor, and is pretty good at writing.

The game won't start to get translated until fall though, so I'll have plenty of time to figure out the rest of the game hacking-wise. This would definitely be the right game to translate from a hacking perspective I think, for someone like me who's never translated a game.
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