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Default Pokemon Crystal hack: Hardcore hack

I'm working on a hack for Crystal to make the game really hard since the original game was easy. There is no story line and I decided to edit the maps to make my hack even harder.

Hack Info:
3 new Pokemon starter's.
All 251 Pokemon are catch able.
Kanto is going to be extremely hard.
All gym leader's may have the same Pokemon types from the original Crystal.
The Elite Four will have Pokemon around level 85.
You will be able to buy evolution stone's.
Grinding is a MUST in this hack.

Feedback I would like to get:
What should the 3 Pokemon starter's be?
What should the name of my hack be?
Tell me your favorite Pokemon team and i may add them into the hack.
Tell me what i should do that u would like to see in this hard hack.

I will give you credit if I decide to use any of your ideas.

I'll be making progress videos of my hack on my YouTube channel so u guy's can see what's going on and I can take alot of your feedbacks to.

Here is some videos of my hack so far

3 Starter's. Thanks to Pikachumanson for choosing the 3 starter's

Sneak Peak of the first gym battle against Falkner

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