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Once I did that I installed 4.3u and now im just waiting for the hacks and homebrew to update....

Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
Well actually, when I said the update will wipe it out, I meant if you do it the official Nintendo way. You could download WAD files of the system menu and it's IOS (very important to install first :P) from Nintendo with NUSD and install them 'manually' with a WAD installing program. It's safer to have BootMii when doing this, but there's minimal risk barring some kind of wacky power outage or something. It would also preserve BootMii assuming you don't use Dop-Mii (a good program for obtaining/updating IOS from your Wii) to update your Boot2.

Just stay away from 4.3 for now, since Bannerbomb doesn't work and it'll kill your Homebrew Channel among other things.
My friend tried installing the update, immediately his console shutoff and broke. He turned it on, well, looked like shit. Nintendo is filled with smart people, smarter than all of us, be careful, they hid a few tricks in this update.
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