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Fuck Nintendo if they do come out and say something along the lines of not talking about something. If a company tells me to shutup without a NDA on me... I say FUUUUCK THEM!

This is also one reason why I really don't have any of the latest consoles and what not (including shit like the iphone). I find it just wrong for a company to screw with something after that someone bought and now owns. It may be in the TOS that they can do that but still wrong and I don't agree to their shit TOS so I don't buy it.
A big major reason that has nothing to do with who owns what is that when the system becomes unsupported it becomes a fucking brick more or less.

(something off subject but still somewhat related)
Fuck you M$ and thinking that I will play for your shit xbox, your shit live, and your shit perfect dark that needs to be connected to live to play 1st player. FUUUCK YOU!
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