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Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
Half of the stuff I do on this PC seems to be punishable with jail time. I long since stopped being scared of the possibility because I'd just be perpetually frozen with fear if I did.
Pretty much this. I doubt the ACTA will have much impact on anything, and if it does, there will be so much consumer revolt, the corporations will rethink and revise. Take a look at the apple DRM debacle. Once consumers said WE WANT TO USE MEDIA THE WAY WE WANT, apple complied and stripped the DRM for itunes. This entire FUD reminds me of Palladium. Remember that? It was the end all be all solution to piracy, copyright infringement, linux, etc etc, but it never happened, because companies knew better. If (big if) the ACTA gets passed, nothing will change, and chances are consumer revolt will destroy corporations to the point where they'll be BEGGING legislators to revise/revoke it.

Either that or it won't really get enforced, just like most piracy that happens.
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