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Case: NZXT Nemisis
Power Supply: Corsair 550wx
Motherboard: EVGA 780i ftw sli
CPU: Xeon dual core 3.0ghz (eff yeah server core)
Cooling: Zalman heat pipe thingy.
RAM: 4gb of OCZ reaper ram. (which has handles)
Hard Disk: 2x1tb samsung drives
Optical: 1x SATA samsung drive
Graphic Card \ Chip: 1x8800GT overclocked model
Sound Card \ Chip: X-fi card, forgot which model
Screen: 22' gateway widescreen.
Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech G15/ Razer copperhead (which is sweet)
Speakers: Logitech X240s
Operating System(s): Vista, XP, Fedora core, freeDOS, and i was testing reactos
Extras: nothing that i can think of


Case: Laptop.
Power Supply: shitty battery
Motherboard: Leguna something. things a hunk of crap
CPU: AMD athlon 64m 1.6ghz
Cooling: laptop?
RAM: 1gb
Hard Disk: 40gb samsung
Optical: NEC DVD/CDr-rw drive.
Graphic Card \ Chip: SIS 560 or something
Sound Card \ Chip: AC97
Screen: 15.0 matte i think by hitachi
Keyboard & Mouse: stock
Speakers: shitty.
Operating System(s): Slackware/backtrack, WinXP
Extras: this really big antenna for my wifi card. guess what this one's used for. external 320gb hard drive, backpack, and a set of external speakers. cause these SUCK.

Case:bare motherboard on riser pegs.
Power Supply: an old 550w psu
Motherboard: DFI Lanparty
CPU: Athlon 64 2.6ghz
Cooling: open air, and thermaltake big typhoon
RAM: 2gb
Hard Disk: 1x 500gb maxtor drive, chillin out.
Optical: NEC drive
Graphic Card \ Chip: GF7900GT chillin out also.
Sound Card \ Chip: onboard AC97
Screen: none/VNC
Keyboard & Mouse: none/VNC
Speakers: none
Operating System(s): debian sid
Extras: nothing but a couple of pencils to hold up some parts.
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