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Case: A tower given me by a friend years ago
Power Supply: umm... not sure? Might be a Thermaltake 450W
Motherboard: Something cheap, probably an ECS
CPU: Athlon 64 3700+
Cooling: Stock, or CoolerMaster fan, don't remember which
RAM: 2GB DDR2 6400
Hard Disk: Two UATA 133 Seagate drives; one 400GB and one 750GB
Optical: One Philips CD-RW x50 drive, one NEC DVD+-RW x16 drive
Graphic Card \ Chip: nVidia GeForce 8800GT
Sound Card \ Chip: Creative X-Fi Platinum
Screen: Giant Sony CRT art monitor running at 1280x1024, usually bumped to 1600x1200 for games
Keyboard & Mouse: Cherry rubber-dome keyboard, Reaper 5-button optical mouse
Speakers: Creative 5.1
Operating System(s): Windows XP
Extras: Nostromo n52 Speedpad (great for World of Warcraft and Allegiance), PS2 controller adapter, Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick, scanner, printer, etc. etc.

I have discovered that I really don't need to upgrade my processor. Next to nothing actually uses multiple cores, and I don't usually run more than one heavy-hitting app on my PC at a time. I may lose a bit of overhead due to the scheduling of processor slices, but I have yet to run a game that runs poorly on it. When I get the chance, I'll have to see how Crysis performs.

Quad-core processors are nothing but hype. Servers can use them, but what else? Even if you do four things at a time, are all four activities really going to hammer the CPU hard enough to need its own core?

I also have a laptop and a work PC, as well as an ancient Linux server (with a Via 800MHz processor), and a media box that sits near the TV - but this computer is the only one that really -needs- high specs.
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