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Default VisualBoyAdvance M Build 907

A rather experimental build of VBA-M was recently released. Here's what the folks behind VBA-M have to say about it:
Here's a funny binary of the cleaned & stripped core + GUI version.

Not using assembler, so it might be slower. Also a lot of features removed. Just use it if you are curious. Has automatic save detection though. Save states not compatible anymore. Save states will not be comaptible with anything, only battery files. Screen capturing&recordning might not work anymore.

Next step will be rewriting the core to a clean C++ class in a static or dynamic library. After that is finished & working correctly, features will be readded in a clean manner. Don't expect any binaries soon.
If you'd like to check out the cleaned up core of the emulator, you can get it from here or from our VBA-M page. You'll also find a slightly less current build with the regular features you'd expect of VBA-M there.

Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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