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Default Wii Channel rips (request)

I still have the original files for most of the channels but my computer isn't capable of ripping .brsars because DVD Root on Dolphin requires a fast CPU which I don't have

Bin files (News, Forecast Channel) are hard to rip because they can't be extracted

Can someone on Zophar do this for me?

Thanks in advance!

Password for the files is: Mikurocks1

Explanation of .brsar & .bin file names:

"eulaSound.brsar"=System menu?

"HomeButtonSe.brsar"=Home button sound effects



"miiConChSound.brsar"= Check Mii Out channel

"NigaoeSound.brsar"=Mii Channel

"rev_enquete.brsar"=Everybody Votes channel

"Forecast.bin"=Forecast channel

"News.bin"=News channel

"rev_photo.brsar"=Photo channel

"SndTVlist.brsar"=TV no Tomo channel (Japan only)

"wii_printch.brsar"=Fujifilm Digicam Print channel (Japan only)

How to rip:

1.Download the Dolphin emulator (link in attachment)

2.Load "viewer.elf"

3.Set the sound options in Dolphin to "Dump Audio"

Don't worry about tagging the songs, I'll do that

Oh and I also have some files for WiiWare games too

I will put them in a separate .zip file

Unfortunately I don't know which files are for what game
Attached Files
File Type: rar channel files.rar (5.46 MB, 1173 views)
File Type: rar channel files 2.rar (1.46 MB, 945 views)
File Type: rar channel files 3.rar (1.72 MB, 951 views)
File Type: rar dolphin.rar (4.10 MB, 1177 views)
File Type: rar bin files.rar (4.02 MB, 1271 views)

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