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Default Re: Question about the Sega Genesis

> The main thing I want to know, does the Sega use the red,
> white, and yellow input ports or is it RF only? I was
> pleased when I found out the NES did and I'm just hoping the
> Sega does as well.

US Genesis' all use the same type of cable if I recall correctly. I know my model 2 and Genesis 3 all use the same type of cable. I have both RCA cables and RF cables for it. Interestingly enough, the video connector looks like it is the same connector as the Sega Saturn's, to which I have an S-Video cable for. I have yet to try the S-Video cable in the Genesis, however.

(Just tested the cable. It is _almost_ the same. Each cable is missing 1 pin, however in a different location. If going from left to right, top to bottom, the Genesis is missing pin 3, and the Saturn is missing pin 9.

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