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Originally Posted by taxam View Post
Hi guys,

didn't know where to post this but I'm really frustrated because of some .pcm sound files I'm not able to play/convert. I already know some thinks about this kind of file. But nothing seems to work.

If anyone is able to convert/play the file (link below) please tell me how you did it. Thanks in advance and good luck.

N+ .pcm sound file

Well A pcm is normally a wav file and according to what I've been reading most files for use with a psp are mp4 files but I'm assuming this is a game sound file that's been extracted.

Well I tried using SUPER "a free everything converter from erightsoft". I've never found a file that wasn't corrupted that it couldn't convert including the newest protected flash video files. Well it didn't even recognize it as a media file. When I dragged and dropped it into SUPER and double clicked to analyze it. I got nothing but the file name. Well I clicked on extended analysis and got nothing also.

This file is either using a very propriatary encryption method/codec or it or the source file are possibly corrupted.

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