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$400 is pretty ridiculous. My guess is that they ran out of options for advertising as basically the whole "post a funny pic on a forum" userbase is pretty useless.

What doesn't make sense is the high price. Why not try to ease users into paid accounts starting with low prices. The only reason I can think of is if they have done the math and decided that this part of their business is untenable.

I once made a random signature/avatar service), so I know how that happens.

A huge problem with a service such as photobucket is that they make money when somebody visits their site to upload a picture, or view a picture on their site. If you hotlink an image, all that does is use up their bandwidth.

Now think about it, on year 2, they are getting the ad money from traffic they got during year 2. But they have bandwidth costs from images uploaded in year 1 and 2. In year 3, they are getting ad money from traffic in year 3, but they have bandwidth costs from uploads during year 1, year 2, and year 3. And it goes on...

Now photobucket is 14 years old, so you can imagine how many historic uploads they have that are just generating bandwidth costs and aren't doing anything. So most likely they calculated that whichever way they go, it isn't gonna work out. The $400/yr fee is most likely their way of saying game over.
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