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Default Re: But I WANT to Use DSL Instead of Dial-up!

> Ack, *never* use the ISPs software for a DSL connection. Not
> only is it usually bloated and buggy, but you'll run into
> shit like you are now.

I'm 90% sure it's not the software, but I agree with you about the ISP crap. I just had to get the accounts set up, so I NEEDED to use their utility. I plan to take the software off as soon as I can, but they usually don't give you other options for setting stuff up.

> When I was a DSL user, I used RASPPPOE. Installation is
> fairly striaght forward:

I'll give this a shot right now. From your description, I couldn't have used it until I actually HAD a username and password, though... That sounds like it might fix the problem.

> Also be sure that you have a driver if you're using a USB
> interface to it, and if you're using Vista, tough shit: It
> supposedly has built in PPPoE support, but it wouldn't
> surprise me if it's in various degress of broken.

Nope, it's not a USB interface at all, and I have the drivers for that anyway... Haha, I would NEVER touch Vista... Even if I didn't know plenty about technology except when my machines find new ways to break themselves, I wouldn't be touching Vista with a 20-foot pole. I'd go back to 95 before I used it, at this point.

>Hmm...dunno if this might help, but check your antivirus "vault" or
>"quarantine" area and see if you can find any windows critical

Nah, I'm the sole user of my computer, I don't even HAVE anything in the vault of any of my anti-malware programs, and I would never listen to AVG if it thought that anything.SYS would be a good thing to remove entirely. I don't think AVG has had to remove even a SINGLE file since I got that hard drive with XP Pro running, either, since I try to run a tight ship. And wouldn't that mean it wouldn't even go online with dial-up?

Oh, also...

>Hmm...dunno then. I would try removing it from the device
>manager and then letting it find it again (either hit refresh or
>reboot). That'll essentially reinstall the card and reset all of the
>protocol settings to their defaults.

Problem is, I did that with my original ethernet card I had in there, and I've already tried the same with the brand NEW card I just picked up. No luck...

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