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Talking Help with FFTA pleez?

I am asking in the only way i know of, so any impoliteness is most probably accidental.

I am an FFTA nut. But more importantly, a viera nut! They're so cool! Anyway, i always wanted, ever since i first got this game, to make my own story line and sprites with viera having a major role. I was, I'll admit, a little envious of Ritz when I battled her all viera clan, so when I lost my SP, I dwnloded an emulator(VisualBoyAdvance) and got a ROM. Now I'm really interested in making my viera dreams come to life! I ask for hlp from people who are much smarter than me.

What I ask for is pretty much anything you can offer.

But a list of what I want usually helps in forums, i find, so here it is:

Tutorials, Editors(hex, text, wutever is good), helpful hints, and if you hve it, codes (codebreaker and gameshark), because I know there's a way to change sprites on there.

I know the codes are a little off, but they are for when I want to play the original in my own way (Ritz all the way!) teehee

Pretty much anything you have or any links you have would be great on the subject of hacking Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Much appreciated ttyl!

Luv ya!
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